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Thursday, 8 October 2015


8:00 - 9:00      Registration / Coffee and Croissants


1. Introduction / The Perspectives for Black Sea Development


9:00 – 9:30      Conference Introduction with the Odessa Oblast Governor


  • B. C. Toms – Chairman of the Black Sea Development Foundation and the British-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce – Introduction;

  • Mikheil Saakashvili – Governor of Odessa Oblast.

  • Alexander Malin - Advisor to the Prime Minister of Ukraine; and

  • Natalia Popovych – Advisor to the Head of the Presidential Administration and Founder of the Black Sea Economic Forum.


2. Opportunities for the Black Sea Region to Develop – An Overview


9:30 – 10:20 The Importance of the Black Sea Region – an Overview to Set the Framework to Discuss Development and Investment                              Opportunities


Moderator: Oleg Skoropad – Former Deputy Secretary General of the Black Sea Economic Organisation and Former Ambassador of

                   Ukraine to Nigeria and the ECOWAS Countries in West Africa


  • The Ukrainian Economic Situation  – Jerome Vacher – IMF, Representative for Ukraine;

  • Reforms in Ukraine as a New Source for Development of the Black Sea Region – Roman Shpek - Senior Adviser of PJSC "Alfa-Bank" Ukraine (Kyiv) and a Board Member of the National Bank of Ukraine;

  • Development of the Odessa Region - Oleksandr Borovik - Advisor to the Governor of Odessa Oblast; Former Head GR Microsoft Seattle, US;

  • Financing Black Sea Development – Sevki Acuner – EBRD Country Director in Ukraine;

  • Black Sea Ports – Jock-Mendoza Wilson – Director of Internatioanl and Investor Relations – SCM


3. Ports and Shipping – the Development Opportunities


10:20 - 11:10 Expanding Black Sea Ports for Shipping between Asia and Central and Eastern Europe


Moderator and Speaker: Alexander Malin - Advisor to the Prime Minister of Ukraine 


  • Making Ukrainian Ports Efficient with Deregulation and Simplification of Trade Procedures – Problems and Solutions – Andriy Amelin – SE Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority;

  • The Ukrainian Example – Yuri Gubankov – Brooklyn-Kiev LLC World Trading Company (owner of the Odessa Grain Terminal);

  • Current Trends in Containerized Transport and the Potential for Development in Ukraine and the Black Sea Region - Stefan Clenciu – Managing Director – Maersk Ukraine Ltd;

  • Michael Sokolov – Head of the Odessa Branch of the SE "The Administration of the Seaports of Ukraine" (the Administration of the Odessa Seaport).


11:10 - 11:30 – Coffee Break


4. Focus on the Key Port Development Problems


11:30 - 12:45 Customs; Freight Railroad Capacity and Administration, Land Rights / Use, Sea Depths and Dredging and Other                                       Construction Issues


Moderator: Serhiy Vovk – Director – Center for Transport Strategies Ukraine


  • The Development of Black Sea Ports, Railroads and Other Transport Infrastructure to Meet the Increased Demand for Shipping between Asia and Europe that Will Result If the Time Required for Ukrainian Customs is Reduced by Two to Three Weeks – Yurii  Vaskov – Deputy Minister of Infrastructure;

  • Customs – Preventing Blockages for TransShipment Between the EU and Ukraine – Igor Muratov – Head of the Customs Department of the State Tax Administration of Ukraine;

  • Results of the Odessa & Illichivsk Sea Port Study – Improving Customs - Colin Gazele – of  the EU Border Assistance Mission – Team Leader for the Study; 

  • Customs Reformation of the Black Sea Region of Ukraine – Dmytro Shuval – Ukrainian Representative of Adam Smith International (that is currently conducting a major study on Ukrainian customs);

  • Current Issues for Ukrainian Ports – Andrei Stavintser – TIS;

  • Possible Solutions to Increase the Future Capacity for Shipping to Odessa Ports, including by By-Passing the Bosporus – Oleg Skoropad – Former Deputy Secretary General of the Black Sea Economic Organisation and Former Ambassador of Ukraine to Nigeria and the ECOWAS Countries in West Africa.


12:45 – 14:30 Working Luncheon: Addresses by Ghinea Arminio Iorga – Head of Policy and Strategy and Board Director – Black Sea                              Trade and Development Bank  


5. Programs for Reform to Fight Corruption, Improve the Judicial System and Facilitate Trade and Economic Development – Focus on Ukraine


14:30 – 15:20


Moderator: David Clarke – Trustee Director of the Fraud Advisory Panel and Former Chief Superintendent, City of London Police


  • Solving Corruption Problems - David Clarke – Trustee Director of the Fraud Advisory Panel and Former Chief Superintendent, City of London Police

  • Observations on the Practical Enforcement of Anti-Corruption Laws Based on Experience in the UK – Peter O’Doherty – Detective Superintendent and Head of the National Reporting and Analysis Centre of Economic and Cyber Crime in the UK (who is advising Ukrainian law enforcement bodies);

  • The Ukrainian Open Courts Initiative and Other Proposals – Stanislav Batryn - Chairman NGO “OPEN UKRAINE”; 

  • The Legal Ombudsman – the Swedish Model as a Solution to Address Foreign Investor Concern over the Rule of Law in the Ukrainian Court System – Bate Toms – Chairman of the British Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce


15:20 - 15:40   Coffee Break


6. Port Infrastructure Finance and Political Risk Insurance


15:40 - 16:25


Modeartor: Alexander Kifak – ANK Law Firm, Odessa


(1)   Project Financing and Other Financing Models to Stimulate Infrastructure Investment – Dominique Menu – BNP Paribas;

(2)   Black Sea Infrastructure Finance – Mark Mageletsky – Head of Energy and Infrastructure, EBRD Ukraine; and

(3)   The Important Role of Political Risk Insurance and Maritime Insurance to Facilitate Black Sea Region Finance and Development – Vyacheslav Andriyko – Willis Insurance.


7. Energy


16:30 – 17:20 Oil and Gas, Alternative Power and Energy Efficiency


Moderator: Sergey Leivikov – Director of the Odessa Regional Energy Efficiency Company with ORSA


  • Possible Prospects for Oil and Gas in Ukraine – Alastair McBain - President - Arawak Energy;

  • The Energy Situation for Ukraine – Mykhailo Bno-Airiian - Head of European Integration Department – Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine;

  • Robert Kueunne – GIZ - Director of Project "Establishment of Energy Agencies in Ukraine”; 

  • Evgen Soykin – Deputy Head of the Commission on Improving Energy Efficiency and Increasing Renewables Use (presented with Sergey Leivikov, the Head of ORSA);

  • International Perspective – James Stevens – EMEA Energy Head for FleishmanHillard; and


8. IT


17:20 – 18:10 The Potential for the Development of the Software Industry


  • The Ukrainian Example and the Prospects for Future Expansion in the Odessa Region – Anton Novikov - Regional Director - Luxoft Odessa;

  • Black Sea IT Regional Development – Oleksandr Borovik - Advisor to the Governor of Odessa Oblast; Former Head GR Microsoft Seattle, US;

  • E-Government to Create E-Customs Services, Etc. to Improve Efficiency – Liuba Shipovich – Technical Director of E-Government Department of Odessa Oblast Administration; and

  • Financing IT in Ukraine – Ruslan Furtas – Investment Director – Horizon Capital.


18:30  Reception


19:15  Gala Dinner – Speech by Mikheil Saakashvili – Governor of Odessa Oblast




Friday, 9 October 2015



8:30 - 9:00  Registration / Coffee and Croissants


9:00 – 9:30 Introduction of the Mayor by Bate C Toms


                   Welcoming Address by Gennadiy Trukhanov – Mayor of Odessa

9. Tourism


9:15 – 10:00 Attracting International and Regional Black Sea Tourism


Moderator: Natalia Popovych – Advisor to the Head of the Presidential Administration


  • Modern Gambling Centers to Stimulate Tourism Development in Odessa Region – Oleksiy Evchenko - Adviser on Tourism at the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine;

  • Gambling to Boost Hotel Development and Tourism – Glyn Thomas – Editor Casino Life Magazine;

  • The Potential to Develop Regional Black Sea Tourism – Ihor Shevchenko – Advisor to the Goernor of Odessa Oblast;

  • Black Sea Tourism – Georgiy Tokman – Executive Director – Black and Azov Seas Ports Association  


11. Financing and Investing in Irrigation and other Infrastructure Development


10:00 – 11:00 Financing the Irrigation and othe Infrastructure Needed for the Development of the Black Sea Region – Presentation

                       followed by Panel Discussion


Moderator: Sevki Acuner – Country Director EBRD in Ukraine


  • IFC Finace for Infrastructure – Elena Voloshyna – Country Manager for Ukraine – IFC Ukraine;

  • Irrigation, Port and Railway Infrastructure Finance – Erik Versavel – Country Manager for Ukraine – ING Bank;

  • Financing Infrastructure for the Black Sea Region - Kristian Andersson - Chairman of the Management Board of SEB Corporate Bank;

  • Finance for Agricultural Development in the Black Sea Region - Larysa Bondarieva - Member of the Management Board, Responsible for Corporate and SME - Credit Agricole Ukraine


11:00 – 11:30 Coffee Break


11:30 – 12:30 Communication with a Financing Panel Discussion with the Speakers and the Following Panelists:


  • Panelist: Dominique Menu – BNP Paribas;

  • Panelist: Konstantin Magaletskyi – Horizon  Capital;

  • Panelist (Political Risk Insurance): Vyacheslav Andriyko – Willis Insurance

  • Panelist: Ghinea Arminio Iorga – Head of Policy and Strategy and Board Director – Black Sea Trade and Development Bank


12:30 – 14:00  Luncheon: Address by Gennadiy Trukhanov – Mayor of Odessa – the Prospect for Rapid Economic Development of Odessa in the EU Context


12. Agriculture


14:00 – 15:20  The Black Sea Region as the Future Bread Basket for the Middle East and North Africa – Development Opportunities


Moderator: Lawrence Richmond – Australian Agricultural Consultant


  • The Agricultural Potential of Ukraine, How This is Being Realised and the Plans for the Future – Oleksiy Pavlenko – Minister of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine;

  • Strategy of the Ministry for 2015-2020 and Its Plans for Agricultural Development in Ukraine, Including for Irrigation Farming in Southern Ukraine – Vladyslava Rutytska – Ukrainian Deputy Minister for Agrarian Policy;

  • Conventional Irrigation Farming in Dry Areas as a Model for Black Sea Agricultural Investment – Aaron Schapper – Vice-President Valley Irrigation (the world’s largest irrigation company);

  • Drip Irrigation Farming – the Israeli Example for Farming in Dry Areas – Elizabeth Solovyova – First Secretary Attaché – Embassy of Israel in Ukraine;

  • Custom Issues for Agricultural Exports / the “One Stop Shop” Solution - Igor Muratov – Head of the Department of Customs Control of the Ukrainian State Fiscal Service;

  • The Use in Ukraine of Australian Irrigation and Non-Tillage Farming Techniques - Lawrence Richmond – Australian Agricultural Consultant


15:20 - 15:50 Coffee Break


15:50 – 16:50 Tourism Infrastructure – Hotels


Moderator: Dmitrii Sennichenko – Head of Country Office – JLL Ukraine


  • A Brief Review of the Tourism Potential of the Odessa Region and the Expactations of Major  International Hotel Chains As to What Can Be Achieved – Tetiana Veller – Head of Hotels and Hospitality Group in Russia and the CIS – JLL;

  • The Future for Hotel Development in the Odessa Oblast – Alisa Goloschapova – Head of Department for Investment in Tourism – Odessa Region Administration;

  • Hotel Development in the Black Sea Region – David Jenkins – Vice President for Business Development in Russia & CIS for the Rezidor Hotel Group (Radisson Hotels, etc.);

  • The Potential for International Hotel Brand Development in the Odessa Region – Sergei Egorov, Development Director Russia and CIS - Wyndham Hotel Group;

  • Ukraine, and the Odessa Region,  as a Destination for Sophisticated Tourists – Adela Cristea, Development Director, Central and Eastern Europe - Hilton Worldwide Developing Hotels in Eastern Europe;

  •  Ivan Kiseev – Development Director Russia and CIS - Marriot International;

  • Alexis Delaroff – СОО – Accor Hotel Services Russia - Georgia, Ukraine and CIS


16:50 – 17:30 Tourism Infrastructure: Roads, Beach Sanitation, Airports and Cruise-line Facilities, What is Required to Develop Tourism                          in Southern Ukraine    


Moderator: Serhiy Vovk – Director – Center of Transport Strategies.

  • Strategy for Black Sea Tourism Development – Ivan Liptuga - Head of Tourism Development Department - Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine;

  • Airport and Cruise-Line Development - Nikolai Evstifeev – Head of Department for Investments in Transport System, Odessa Regional Administration;

  • The Open Skies Concept - Sergei Podgorodetskyi - General Manager – AtlasJet (Turkey); and

  • Infrastructure Requirements for Tourists,  Including to Provide Clean Beaches and Better Roads for Beach Hotels – Vladimir Shemaiev – Head of Department for Investments in Construction and Infrastructure.


17:30 – 18:15 Developing Shopping Centers and Other Retail


Moderator: Sergii Benedysiuk – Director of the Department for State Registration of Real Estate – Ministry of Justice


  • Developing Shopping Centers in Ukraine: the Example of What Can Be Achieved When Investors Work In Effective Partnerships With the City and Regional Authorities – Mikhail Merkulov - General Manager - Arricano Group (owner of the Odessa Mall);

  • Investing in Retail in Southern Ukraine – Vladislav Burda – President – Red Head Family;

  • Expectations of Local Business Community as to the Nacessary Actions from the City and Governor. Specific Business Spirit of the City, Location Advantages of the Port City – Yiriy Shpirt  – Owner  - Arber Fashion Group; and

  • The Usage of Steel Construction to Improve the Economic Feasiblity for Commercial and Infrastructure Projects – Artem Bilyk – Head of Engineering Center, USCC.


18:15 – 18:30  Transportation to the Closing Reception at the Odessa Diplomatic Club, with an Address by Mikheil Saakashvili, the

                     Governor of Odessa Oblast, and Remarks by Konstantin Rzhepishevskyy, the Representative of the Ministry of Foreign

                     Affairs of Ukraine in Odessa, Introduced by Bate Toms, Chairman of the Black Sea Development Foundation and the British

                     Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce.




Saturday, 10 October 2015



10:30 – 12:00 Visit to Brooklyn-Kiev’s Odessa Grain Terminal, Including To See Its Machinery for Loading Containers to Export Grains 


12:00 – 14:00 Attending the Opening of the Palace of Justice by Volodymyr Groisman, Speaker of the Ukrainian Parliament, and Mikheil

                       Saakashvili, Governor of Odessa Oblast, followed by a Luncheon.


14:00 – 18:00  A visit to the famous “Shabo” winery, with a wine tasting followed by a luncheon.



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