This Forum brings together the Governor of Odessa Oblast, Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Agriculture, Economy and Infrastructure and the other government officials and businessmen from Ukraine and abroad, listed below:

Mikheil Saakashvili
Oleksiy Pavlenko
Yuriy Gubankov
Natallia Popovych
Roman Shpek
Bate Toms
Jerome Vacher
Alastair McBain
Sevki Acuner
Jock Mendoza Wilson
Olena Voloshina
Eric Versavel
Dominique Menu
Elizabeth Solovyov
David Clarke
Vyacheslav Andriyko
Stefan Clenciu
Aaron Schapper
Glyn Thomas
Ivan Liptuga
Oleksiy Evchenko
Peter O'Doherty
Ihor Shevchenko
Alexander Kifak
Stanislav Batryn
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